Rest Stop



An 8 page comic chronicling the adventures of Trucker Cat as he explores the mysteries of a hole in the bathroom stall. Package includes all preliminary sketches and lineart files, 31 files in total.

Explicit sexual content, adults only. Includes: Gloryhole sex, M/?, Insinuated blowjob/penetration

Rite of Assage


Standard Edition: $10

Deluxe Edition: $16

A story set in the Mass Effect universe. Grunt the krogan has a yearning he feels only Commander Shepard can alleviate… Explicit gay content, adults only. 28 pages. Contains: M/M, Alcohol, Rimming, Handjob

Standard Edition is the comic by itself. Deluxe edition includes high resolution versions, as well as preliminary thumbnails, sketches and lineart for each page- 139 files in total.

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